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over 3 years ago

Students will be responsible for learning stem words each week.  Stems are word parts such as prefixes and suffixes.  The seventh grade stem word list is a collaborative list created to help students in all four content areas.  When studying for the quiz, students are responsible for knowing the definition of the stem and the definition of the corresponding vocabulary term. 

 On the quiz, stems and their definitions are matching.  The vocabulary terms are completing a sentence with multiple choice answers.Quizzes are taken via the computer and the use of Edmodo.  

Quizzes must be taken at school!!  Quizzes must be completed by Friday of the assigned week.  Quizzes will be open prior to Friday for taking.  Students may take their quiz early is they are prepared to do so. 

 EXTRA CREDIT:   For extra credit, students can define each vocabulary term (+1 point each) and write a sentence with the vocabulary term (+1 point each).  The can earn up to 12 additional points on their quiz.  The extra credit must be turned in prior to taking the quiz.  It will not be accepted if turned in later. 

By Audrey M Wallace